Pricing and Packages

No two businesses are identical; neither are their marketing plans. That’s why we prefer to take a customized approach to digital marketing pricing. We get to know your business and its challenges before developing your unique marketing strategy.

Riser Digital offers a variety of services which are priced according to your needs and requirements. We have based our operational philosophy on one prime objective: To deliver an exceptional value in return for every dollar spent. As such, we create an experience that lasts and produces solid results. Riser Digital offers bespoke digital marketing services summarized in the form of its two comprehensive pricing plans:

‘Riser Go’ – Project-Based Services

Why pay for the whole plan when you don’t need half of the services it includes? Riser Go is a customized project-based package that allows the client to pick a service from our service portfolio and get it customized as per their liking.

Whatever service you choose, the Riser Go plan offers the following benefits.

  • Consultancy
  • Planning and Analysis
  • Customization
  • Implementations
  • Optimization
  • Report and Result Analysis
riser digital go

‘Riser HQ’ – Integrated Marketing Plans

Digital marketing powered by content, advertising and community, gives start-ups and underdogs the ability to grow faster and smarter by outthinking, NOT outspending, the competition.

Our marketing goal is simple – plan, analyze, execute, convert and measure dynamic campaigns that generate leads and build loyalty. With a target goal in mind, we’ve built integrated inbound marketing service packages, starting at $2,000 per month.

At Riser Digital, we don’t just deliver a plan or service; we provide the complete experience.

  • Free consultation
  • Service for Both Digital and Print
  • Integrated Marketing Strategies Plan for Multiple Marketing Media
  • Marketing Tools and Media
  • Complimentary Campaign Hours
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Marketing and Strategy Team
  • Marketing Tools and Analytics
  • Weekly and monthly custom reports
riser digital hq

Riser HQ is an all-inclusive, on-going and result-oriented campaign that is devised as per your budget on a few or all of the following factors:

  • Identifying Your USPs
  • Brand Positioning
  • BCG Matrix
  • Sales Lifecycle
  • Lead Generation Goals
  • Social Media Objectives
  • Brand Positioning and Awareness
  • Customer Engagement
  • Corporate Relationships

Riser HQ Integrated Marketing Packages

Riser Digital offers a flexible pricing model to ensure clients gept the full value of every dollar spent, regardless of how long it takes to deliver. We believe brilliant integrated marketing is about smart thinking not deep pockets, so our focus is on delivering everything we do for a price you can afford.




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How We Work

“Small Agency, Big Results – with Bigger Dreams and Ambitions”!

At Riser Digital, we help businesses break out of their cocoons and turn into a brand ready to take flight. Whether you hire us for a short-term project or get into a long and lasting relationship, we deliver a high-class and promising service that translates into concrete returns.

From consultations to conducting a need analysis, from planning to execution, and from evaluation to optimization – Riser Digital’s service packages are offered at market competitive prices that are finalized on mutual-agreement.

We provide a high level of service by working with clients on projects where only we can make a difference. We work on an ongoing basis or on a per-project basis. Some clients have a single need, while others work with us as an integral part of their organization’s ongoing marketing.

The on-going plans are charged a regular nominal retainer fee for account management costs whereas the project-based services can be availed for a one-time expenditure.

To preserve our commitment to deliver professional products and services, we charge an additional 20% over the cost of goods and services as management service charges to ensure that we procure the best goods for you with the same dedication as you would do.

The Sooner You get Going, The Sooner You Start Growing


At Riser Digital, we help your business adopt innovative digital marketing strategies which identify the core of your brand.

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