Everyone gets overwhelmed. It’s perfectly normal when you’re running your own business. Truly, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. One person can only spin so many plates at the same time for a specific amount of time before one or two things come crashing down and create a domino effect of chaos. And if you’re the type looking for some semblance of work-life balance? Forget about it!But, there is a possible solution. They’re called virtual assistants, and they might be the thing that saves you from losing your mind.

Why virtual assistants?

The solution to the abovementioned scenario is actually pretty simple: if you’re juggling way too many balls at the same time, an extra pair of hands would be a huge improvement. In this particular scenario, the most ideal way to go is to hire a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants can work with you and take over certain tasks so you can focus your energies on more important things.

Virtual assistants are a more cost-efficient option than hiring specialists, and have a wider set of tasks that they can perform. These VAs can take control of administrative work, data processing, and even personal stuff like a managing your schedule and handling other affairs. By delegating certain tasks, you actually open up your schedule to focus on the more crucial aspects of your operation.You can even finally have some amount of personal time for a change.

When should I hire a virtual assistant?

Ideally, hiring a virtual assistant should be once you’ve decided you do need a VA. How do you know then?

It all begins with assessing your usual tasks and deciding on which tasks you can outsource. In all the things that you do, the tasks you can hand off to a VA can actually be divided into three categories: things you are having trouble doing, things that you shouldn’t necessarily be doing, and things you need done but simply don’t want to do.

The first category is a no-brainer. If there are tasks that you simply lack the knowledge and/or experience in doing, you can either train yourself or hire someone who has the knowledge base and skillset to do it. Keep in mind, of course, training can eat up time and funds, especially if these tasks carry with them an urgency.

The second category is harder to identify. If you’re running the company, should you still be something like data processing? Shouldn’t your attention be focused on things that are more pressing? Regardless of whether or not you enjoy a particular task, if it’s something that someone in your position shouldn’t be doing, delegate it to an assistant. Save your energy for the things that only you should and can do.

The third category, is perhaps one of the biggest perks of having a VA. Some tasks, important as they are, feel like chores. If it’s something that you don’t particularly need to do yourself, and don’t particularly enjoy doing, then hand them over to an assistant.

If you have enough tasks that fall under these three categories, then that is the time to hire a virtual assistant.

How do I go about hiring a virtual assistant?

There are a few ways you can go about hiring a virtual assistant. First off, you can do it yourself. This would save you a little money, but does eat up a lot of your effort and time; two things that were the reason you were looking for a VA in the first place. In the end, would saving a few bucks really be worth the time it would take going through a process you could delegate? (Which is again, the major thrust as to why we’re here.)

You can also go for using a recruiter to find a VA. What recruiters do is they scout for talent based on your requirements and then pass on those candidates for you to pick and choose from. Basically, this is in a lot of ways like doing it yourself; recruiters only take out a chunk of the first steps out of the process.

And finally, you can go through a VA service, or simply put, outsource. While technically the most expensive of the three ways to get a VA, outsourcing is more like an investment. You basically pay the service to take care of the things you want taken care of, and they’ll handle everything.
They will assess your business and personal needs and determine the specific set of skills and experience your company needs on a level that fits your budget. They would also take into consideration whatever timezone limitations may exist and what arrangement would work best for your needs, and they would also make sure that you get a trustworthy VA.

We at Riser Digital pay special attention to hiring the right people, and our hiring process is designed to pair everyone with the right VA for the job. When hiring a VA, the general steps are as follows:

  • Going through the job order/description
    • We create a well-defined job description that is as specific as possible in order to ensure that we have a clear set of required skillsets that we should be looking for.
  • Performing a background check on candidates
    • While many people may have similar skillsets, we believe in hiring only those with the right attitude, work ethic and clean records to become our VAs, hence we do a thorough background check on our potential recruits.
  • Screening
    • Once the necessary information has been gathered, when we know that these people have the skills, experience, and background, we then pore through these candidates and screen them to find out who is the most well suited person for the specific position.
  • Hiring
    • Once the ideal candidate has been signed, said candidate is hired to start right away.
  • Training/Orientation/Onboarding
    • Onboarding is a key element in ensuring that the newly hired employee is properly acclimated to perform their duties to the fullest in the new environment wherein they be doing those duties in. We make sure that the onboarding process is structured, efficient, and increases employee retention. During onboarding, we do the following:
      • Provide access
        • We equip the new VAs with the proper software and access that they would particularly need in order to not just properly perform their tasks, but also give them the most effective means of communication.
      • Introduction to team
        • Newly hired VAs are introduced to the people they would need to work with to establish team dynamic early on.
      • Orientation
        • We provide everything the new hire needs to know, from company policies, histories, branding identity, specific company goals and objectives.
      • Training
        • While the hires already have a general idea on what they will be doing, they undergo training that pertains to the company-specific tasks they will performing.
      • Goal/Expectation setting
        • We only hire the best, and we want to create a long term professional relationship with them.This is why we let them know our short-term and long-term goals as well as set the proper expectations on both ends to ensure that the professional relationship will be harmonious.

Reading through the list, it does seem like an arduous process, but it is one that guarantees the best possible VAs for our clients. It is a process that Riser Digital proudly and diligently performs constantly. And while we provide a lot of outsourced remote talent, we have virtual assistance specialists that are dedicated to recruiting and pairing VAs to employers. It’s an agency-level service and specialization, but at less cost.

So, are you ready to saddle up with a VA? Do you have more questions about the process of hiring virtual assistants? We can help. Drop us a message here and let’s discuss how a VA can change the way you do business, and maybe even how you live your life.

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