Despite the proven benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, there are still a great number of those who have their reservations. Understandably so. Over the years, there have been certain misconceptions that have risen up about VAs, adding to the natural reluctance people may have over hiring someone remotely. Those misconceptions are what we are here to address. The hiring of virtual assistants have been the reason why a lot of companies thrived, and today, let’s lay out the reasons as to why there really is nothing stopping any business from exploring the VA option.

Virtual Assistants ARE trained workers

In fact, in the case of many virtual assistants, they are well trained and highly skilled. These are people who have specific specializations and are intelligent enough to learn about new skillsets as needed to get jobs done. VAs generally have a propensity for research, making them highly trainable and susceptible to mentorship. Given the remote nature of their work, they actually usually spend all that time for further training and self-improvement, as opposed to a regular employee.

Virtual Assistants ARE trustworthy

Many companies have certain trade secrets and confidential information that they feel cannot be entrusted to virtual assistants. This is somewhat of a valid concern, but many also neglect the fact that these workers operate on certain professional codes of conduct, and credibility and integrity are paramount to these people actually getting hired. Essentially, they are not so different from the employees that work with you in the office. They can be trusted members of your team.

Virtual Assistants ARE able to do more than simple tasks

The main association that people make when the phrase “virtual assistant” pops up is that they only handle office administrative work. (Essentially, an assistant, just virtual.) However, VA jobs range from project management, book keeping, blogging, digital marketing, graphic design, etc. VAs come in many forms and a lot of them have multiple skillsets that go beyond the ordinary admin tasks.

Virtual Assistants ARE cost-efficient

Those who see the true value of hiring virtual assistants tend to look at it from the point of view that hiring such a service maybe expensive. However, this is simply not true. The amount a VA makes is basically similar to what you would pay a regular employee, without having to shell out for the cost of putting up a physical office, buying equipment, paying rent on space and whatnot.

Virtual Assistants ARE efficient and productive overall

Many people think that the turnaround time for assigned tasks, especially with the assumption that these workers generally work at home and may have a tendency to slack off. This of course is far from the truth. VAs have a proven track record of efficiency and productivity, and this is highlighted by the number of VAs are currently being hired all over the world.

In a lot of cases, virtual assistants are more productive and efficient than the usual employees, given that they work in a space that specifically suits them and their work habits. They usually work alone, avoiding any distractions from co-workers. They are not tired from the commute to work and dreading the trip to the office. The entire set up works for both the employer and employee.

Of course, the best way to find out how effective these VAs are is by trying the service out for yourself. If you’re in the market or considering hiring a VA, message us here and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have and pair you up with a VA. It may be the missing ingredient to your business’ booming success.

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