In one of our recent posts, we provided a complete guide to outsourcing, which you can read here. But, if we’re being honest, outsourcing may not be for everyone. So, in the interest of transparency, we sat down and took a long, hard, balanced look at outsourcing as a general means of filling up one’s roster and broke down the possible pros and cons with the aim of helping you, our reader, who may be on the fence about this whole outsourcing thing, have a wider view of the subject at hand. There are upsides and downsides to everything, and the same is true with outsourcing. Here are some of the most important ones:

Pro: Cost-efficiency

Of course, the number one reason why outsourcing is so popular is because it is indeed the practical solution. In most cases, outsourcing your workforce is a great way to control your expenses, as there are usually a fixed amount expected to be paid for the service. With the unpredictability that comes with running a physical office, the overhead, the staffing, outsourcing takes the cake when it comes to being the more budget friendly option.

Con: Communication barriers

Communication is a key part in the success of every organization, and this is one potential issue that comes with outsourcing. Outsourced employees are rarely physically close by, and despite the available equipment, there will be times wherein communication would not be possible (i. e., downed networks). While this can be addressed by having contingencies in place, communication issues are a real thing that happens from time to time.

Pro: Less dependence on training

With the way that outsourcing is set up, you are able to fill your roster with people with the specific skills present to fit your specific needs, as you have an entire globe acting as your talent pool. As opposed to hiring whoever’s nearby then training them to be what you need them to be, you can hire someone already equipped with the knowledge and skills your business needs.

Con: Differing timezones

If you are outsourcing overseas talent, the difference in timezones can be somewhat of a challenge. While the majority of virtual assistants would adjust and work the same hours as you do, this would not be the case all the time. This can put a damper in either the right person, as they may not be willing to adjust to the timezone. This is a challenge that can be resolved through various means, however, whether with properly selecting your remote workers or properly outsourcing tasks that need not be done under your close supervision.

Pro: More free time

This is something we have been championing for some time now. Of course, the more of your tasks are delegated to remote workers, the more time you have to focus on other aspects of your business that requires more of your specific attention. More importantly, it gives you time for rest, leisure and personal time. With the differing timezones, this could also increase productivity, as you know work continues even on your days off and while you’re sleeping.

Con: Language barriers

When outsourcing overseas, this is the more common challengers people who outsource their labor have to contend with. Communication, after all, is a specific skill, and sometimes, those with exemplary technical knowledge find the language barriers overwhelming. With that in mind, you can address this by either being really particular in your screening process, or by hiring someone that could do your recruiting for you.

Hopefully, this particular list of pros and cons was helpful and allowed you to see whether or not your business can thrive with outsourcing. Of course, our position on the matter, being a company that also is comprised of outsourced employees, is always yes! We have addressed all the potential downsides by implementing a consistently thorough screening process in order to match up the right employees for the right employers. As long as you have the right personnel, you can succeed, regardless of the challenges.

We have taken all the measures to ensure that outsourcing works for our partners and client base, and if you are interested, our contact information and social media can be found here or you can shoot us a message at contact@riserdigital.com and we can discuss how outsourcing can be beneficial to you and your business.

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